The above clips are from Courtney Huffman’s Master’s Recital, which took place in the Jeanette MacDonald Recital Hall on March 3, 2007. For a copy of the recital in its entirety, please contact Ms. Huffman.


The following clips were recorded in August of 2008 by Barry Werger with Ullanta Music Works, and Tali Tadmor playing piano:

These next clips are live from the NATS Artist Award Competition, which took place on June 27, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee, with pianist Tali Tadmor:

The Artist

Soprano Courtney Huffman is recognized as a singer of exceptional artistry and versatility. She has a passion for opera as well as the recital stage and already has an impressive resume of roles and repertoire.
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The Acclaim

“Teutile…brilliantly sung by a young soprano, Courtney Huffman, just entering the professional arena, is treated as a supercilious young starlet…She sings and steals the stage…I hope opera talent scouts were on hand…”
-- Mark Swed, LA Times
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